David Cross

This 1994 album includes 3 tracks recorded live at Flöz Club in Berlin and features David Cross (violin), Paul Clark (guitar), Sheila Maloney (keyboards), John Dillon (vocals and bass) and Dan Maurer (drums).

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The album is a sonic melting pot taking in Prog, Ambient, Synthpop & even a sprinkling of Dubstep, which is simultaneously timeless and modern. Sean Quinn states; "I was always interested in ambient music and was working on a solo album which includes a collaboration with Roedelius. I started thinking about other artists I admired involved in ambient music. My all-time favourite band is King Crimson (72-74 line-up) and I was particularly fascinated by David's contribution to the band - his melodic sense is incredible."

"Overall this is a beautifully put together release that is a must for anyone with a fondness for Cross' playing. Sean Quinn has done well in his production to ensure that the often sparse elements retain a vibrancy that allows the individual contributions to shine ... Thought provoking yet relaxing, Cold Sky Blue is a highly enjoyable listen, particularly through a decent hi-fi" - Jez Rowden: The Progressive aspect (March 2016)

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Stick Men featuring David Cross

In April 2015, Stick Men put on four historic concerts in Japan, with special guest, legendary King Crimson violinist David Cross. The live recording of the 2 Tokyo shows, titled Midori, is now available through MoonJune's BandCamp and on the upcoming tours of Stick Men.

"These are players who know the value of dynamics, never stop listening to each other, and understand that leaving space is as important as filling it. Midori is one instance where an un-tested chemistry goes fleetingly, beautifully right" - Geno Thakara: All about Jazz, March 2016.


David Cross & Naomi Maki

'Unbounded' - the first Electric Chamber Music was released in 2006 is now available from Noisy Records as a downloadable album on Bandcamp.

Styed in the categogy of Contemporary Jazz, this release was a fantastic and successful collaboration with the the Japanese pianist and singer Naomi Maki.

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Dialeto featuring David Cross

Bartók in Rock, as the name suggests, is a set of Béla Bartók compositions freely adapted by the band to their particular rock language, full of intense improvisations.

The album features also a collaboration from David Cross, former violin player from King Crimson on track 1 "Mikrokosmos 113".

"There is much talk these days, mostly for political reasons, about the purity and impurity of the human race, the usual implication being that purity of race should be preserved, even by means of prohibitive laws."

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The Rome Project featuring David Cross

One and a half year after the huge success of their second album “OF FATE AND GLORY”, “The Rome Pro(G)ject” released their third CD Album "EXEGI MONVMENTVM AERE PERENNIVS", 57 minutes of instrumental progressive rock in 10 tracks plus three unreleased tracks as a bonus.

As per its title, translated as "I RAISED A MONUMENT MORE LASTING THAN BRONZE", the possibly final chapter of The Rome Project saga is an instrumental concept album about the end of the Roman Empire and the awareness that “non omnis moriar”, - not everything dies!

Not coincidentally, the CD album was released on Dec. 7th, 2017, the same day TRP released their first CD album five years ago.

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ESP featuring David Cross & David Jackson

ESP – ‘Invisible Din’ is a unique symphonic, progressive rock concept album –  a collaboration with musicians from King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, Big Country – Procol Harum, GTR, Lifesigns, and Landmarq, among others. Released on 11th November 2016, the music is written and produced by Tony Lowe who recently co-produced the ‘Starless Starlight‘ album by David Cross & Robert Fripp and ‘Cold Reading‘ by Bram Stoker.

Contributors on the album are; Tony Lowe, Mark Brzezicki (Big Country, Procol Harum), David Cross (King Crimson), David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), Phil Spalding (Steve Hackett, Mike Oldfield), Steve Gee (Landmarq), John Young (Lifesigns), Pat Orchard, Alison Fleming (Tony Lowe), John Beagley and electric harp from Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper).

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