I love playing in the David Cross Band because it’s challenging. The music is hard to play and the calibre of the musicians is very high and if you take your eye off the ball for a moment you can be completely lost, but, over time, we’ve all learned to trust that somebody will pick up the baton and bring it all together somehow. That means that we can be creative and take risks. Because of this the music evolves and grows.

Everyone brings a lot of themselves to the band and we never tire of listening to each other. Mick is one of the best bass players around and writes and produces really new music for the band, Jinian holds the strings to all our hearts beating in time with his magnificent voice and Steve Roberts' and Pat Garvey’s drumming bring extraordinary power, grace and authority to the team.

The music is often quite a journey and can be very emotional - we work very hard to achieve those spine-tingling moments on stage when the music lifts you and time stands still - but then we also laugh a lot - somehow it’s always a surprise when you play something just right (or completely wrong!)

I guess some things are just meant to be - and the David Cross Band is one of those things.