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Watch our Yesshift Interview on YouTube. David Cross talk about Larks’ Tongues @50, the new DCB album ‘Ice Blue, Silver Sky’ and Crossover (with Pete Banks) plus some memories of Robert Fripp and John Wetton.

Trading Boundaries Review : May 2023

Last night I was privileged to attend a glorious performance of this band at Trading Boundaries in East Sussex.  I don't spend my concerts taking photos and videos so this is all you're getting.

If a band is "giving its all" - as this lot does - you get the best of it if you give it the same yourself, and I did, just as they did!

For those who don't know, David Cross was violinist and composer on three of the great King Crimson albums of the 70s, and has been touring and creating new music with his own band pretty much ever since.

This time the show was in honour of the 50th anniversary of the ground breaking and epic album, 'Larks' Tongues in Aspic'.

We got an extra treat with an appearance by Richard Palmer-James, renowned guitarist and lyricist of Supertramp fame, who warmed us up with his own compositions, including the particular joy of 'The Night Watch', and finishing with a spirited ensemble rendition of 'In the Court of the Crimson King' before two sets by David and the band.

The first included several of the Band's own pieces, which are incredibly powerful and a reminder that David's creative force didn't diminish in any way shape or form post KC and got everyone well and truly in the mood for further treats to follow. One more lyrical and quieter song was played as a tribute and memorial to absent loved ones and in particular for David's wonderful wife Chiemi, all too recently lost to us.

The second set was the band's own unique rendition of the 'Larks' Tongues' album.

I can only describe it as a Tour de Force. Superb playing, ensemble and individual, with some gorgeous virtuoso playing by David, at once lilting, soaring, leaping, hammering, and delighting... But always a generous team player with plenty of space to show off the immense talents of the rest of the band. All were Fabulous! But if I have to single out one for a special word it would be Mick Paul the bassist, who is just mind blowingly good; a fast, meticulous, accurate, creative, and energetic player, whose playing I would be very satisfied just to be able to manage 10% of!!!

All of them were brilliant though, and the Joy and Synergy of their performance is immaculate, spellbinding, and infectious in the best possible way!

A Truly Fitting Tribute to an Amazing Album!

We were treated to two wonderful encores too - 'Starless' and '21st Century Schizoid Man'..

A Fantastic Show ending some time after midnight! Shared my table with some charming and interesting fellow fans. This is also an amazing venue by the way and the excellent pre show dining is part of the experience. 

KC probably aren't going to be touring again...But this was Absolutely Brilliant and in no way short of a Fripp Show. Very Different, and on a smaller scale. But Equal at Least!!

Thanks, David and the Band!!!

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