I love playing in the David Cross Band because it’s challenging. The music is hard to play and the calibre of the musicians is very high and if you take your eye off the ball for a moment you can be completely lost, but, over time, we’ve all learned to trust that somebody will pick up the baton and bring it all together somehow. That means that we can be creative and take risks. Because of this the music evolves and grows.

Everyone brings a lot of themselves to the band and we never tire of listening to each other. Mick is one of the best bass players around and writes and produces really new music for the band, Jinian holds the strings to all our hearts beating in time with his magnificent voice and Steve Roberts' and Pat Garvey’s drumming bring extraordinary power, grace and authority to the team.

The music is often quite a journey and can be very emotional - we work very hard to achieve those spine-tingling moments on stage when the music lifts you and time stands still - but then we also laugh a lot - somehow it’s always a surprise when you play something just right (or completely wrong!)

I guess some things are just meant to be - and the David Cross Band is one of those things.

Hi, my name is Jinian Wilde, the vocalist and strangeling extraordinaire, with the fabulous David Cross Band.

Sometimes known as Jin Wilde or just Jin, I'm a singer, songwriter, studio vocalist, vocal instructor and musician (I play guitar) and I've worked with a great number of musical projects and with UK's Paris Music, providing backing vocals for artists requiring top quality BV tracks for their own projects. Following this I also founded Wilde Rose Studio. I have collaborated most notably with Uniting Nations, Daz Sampson and since 2007 I took the lead vocals role in the David Cross Band, touring Europe and the UK and recording with David on the Sign of the Crow release.

I'm a Strangeling, and as such I love to sing (we Strangelings do really love to sing... a lot... as much as possible really!).

I also enjoy Arts and Crafts, especially drawing and messing about with colour... How Strange! ;)

Strangely enough, everything else about me is probably too strange to mention... so i'll leave it there...

Two things to remember when playing in DCB (1) always play in time, even if it is 15/16, (2) don't forget your passport. I usually manage to achieve one of these fundamental tasks.

When I first joined DCB in 1995 after spending many years doing studio sessions, I was certainly overwhelmed by the bands incredible sense of time, ie not just playing in 4/4 and realized I had to get used to 'playing outside the box'.

The last DCB album 'Sign of the Crow' was for me a culmination of years of practicing, touring, writing, experimenting with different production techniques and generally listening to a very wide range of music.

I'm really looking forward to 2018/19 hopefully playing new music in new countries with a band that has such high technical ability, yet is always entertaining.

Complementing Mick Paul in the rhythm section is the accomplished and respected Steve Roberts who makes his DCB debut with concerts in Wales and Poland.

Steve's name is well known in progressive rock fields having recorded and toured with The Tangent across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Previously, Steve worked with Magenta for five years, touring and releasing two live albums with them and he was also the drummer for Godsticks for five years, again, touring, writing and releasing three albums and an EP with them.

In 2005, Steve had the privilege of playing with Keith Emerson, recording a live album with a UK ELP tribute band featuring Keith guesting.

I love playing in The David Cross Band and I'm very thankful to be able to do what I do. The opportunity to play such exciting and challenging music with the wonderful musicians and lovely people in this band sums up why.

DCB is a superb project to work with and I also complement my live work as a freelance player, busy all-year round playing and touring with various other acts. These include The Prototypes (Get Hype Records), The DGB (Power of Three Records) and I've played with artists including but not limited to Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix), JAMES, David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator), Tim Booth, Freddie V (Average White Band), Lewis Stephens (Freddie King) and Fischer-Z.

I like to think I have a few strings to my bow; I come from a classical background, starting my musical journey on the cello at the age of four. Now, many years later, I’m also a published author. My first book Lawless was published in 2016 to coincide with the release of my album of the same title.

I've written over 100 articles for various drum magazines (you’ll find my own column in the iconic ‘Rhythm Magazine’). I’m privileged to be Head of Drums at BIMM and also, as an educator, I’ve written music degree course notes, used by some of the top popular music education providers in the world.

I love running Master Study Studios in Brighton where I have students that come to study with me from all over the UK & Europe. Some of my current and past students include Ben Thompson (Two Door Cinema Club), Joao Caetano (Leona Lewis, Incognito), Rufus Taylor (The Darkness, We Will Rock You, Jeff Beck, Bryan May, Queen), Perry Melius (Billy Ocean, Tricky), James Stewart (Vader), Adam Pitts (Lawson), Deborah Knox-Hewson (Charlie XCX), and Ben Thomas (Rag ‘n’ Bone Man) to name just a few.

My second album set for release toward the end of 2018

I proudly endorse SONOR drums, SABIAN cymbals, VIC FIRTH sticks and mallets, REMO heads, ROLAND, Protection Racket Cases, Porter and Davies Tactile Monitoring and Dynasty U.S.A marching percussion.